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  • Classic Ford Tags

    We Specialise in all classic Ford Tags
    Call us on +44(0)1302 843175 or email sales@vintagsuk.com

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  • New Embossing Service

    Vintags can undertake any custom embossing or reverse pressing work you require,
    contact us for a customised quote today on
    Call us on +44(0)1302 843175 or email sales@vintagsuk.com

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  • Classic Tags & Stickers

    Vintags are specialists in providing tags and stickers for classic and imported cars.
    All you require for your restoration projects
    Meets all LEGAL requirements
    Call us on +44(0)1302 843175 or email sales@vintagsuk.com

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  • Crash Repair Work Specialists

    Vintags can provide tags or stickers to support any crash repair work
    Call us on +44(0)1302 843175 or email sales@vintagsuk.com

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  • Motorcycle

    Motorcycles, Quad Bikes or motor boats, VintagsUK can produce tags & stickers
    for all types and projects

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  • Legacy Tags & Stickers

    We can produce tags for all types of vehicles, even those from manufactures that no longer exist

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VintagsUK Logo


Vintags UK has been established since 1999 and manufactures quality reproduction vinplates for both private and commercial vehicles of all types. For the last ten years Vintags UK have supplied both private and commercial businesses with growing success. Vintags UK are now able to offer you printed VIN stickers as well as engraved or embossed Aluminium VIN-tags.

A custom tag and sticker service is available, please call us for all your vin-tag, chassis tag, vin sticker and chassis sticker requirements without obligation


Tags & Stickers

Vin Plates

Engraved & Embossed VIN Tags

Car Vin Plate   Vintags UK Engraved and embossed VIN plates are all produced using premium grade aluminium with a durable and precise embossing or engraving. VINTAGSUK can produce and manufacturer correct and legal VIN-tag or bespoke design specifically to the needs of your project. VintagsUK can produce tags with a curved or flat surface and engraved plates that attach with adhesive, rivets, or screws.

All VintagsUK products conform to legal standards and requirements.

Vin Stickers

Foil / Aluminium VIN Stickers

Car VIN Sticker   Vintags UK VIN Stickers are all printed on premium tamper-proof materials and are legally compliant and correct a cars manufacture. Vintags can produce any sticker to your exact requirements or design that you wish to provide.

Visible VIN

Visible VIN Tags and stickers  

In most modern cars, you’ll find a visible VIN through a special cut-out at the bottom of the windscreen.

VINTagsUK are specialist in providing replacement Visible VIN stickers, all VINTAGSUK stickers are printed on premium grade tamper-proof material. VintagsUK can produce any Visible VIN Sticker to your exact specification.



We can produce TAGS for all types of commercial vehicles, even those from manufactures that no longer exist

Visible VIN Stickers   VintagsUK specialises in commercial vehicle tags, we can produce commercial vehicle tags to all legal specifications. We specialise in legacy and out of business commercial vehicle tags.

Motorcycles, Boats & Machinery

We can produce VIN Plates, Tags and stickers for boats, motorcycles, quad's and all types of machinery

Motorbike, Motorcycle, Boat, Machinery VIN TAGS and Stickers, Industrial Control panel plates   VintagsUK can produce a wide variety of Tags, Plates or stickers to suit any personal or commercial application. We can produce tags plates & stickers for motocycles, boats, quad bikes or any kind of industrial, agricultural or control machinery.


We can make any tag you require for your classic restoration project

Motorbike, Motorcycle, Boat, Machinery VIN TAGS and Stickers   VinTagsUK specialise in Vin Tags, plates and stickers to support your classic restoration project.

We can produce manufacturer correct embossed or engraved plates for all classic manufacturers, including those that are no longer in business. ..

Custom Services

VintagsUK can undertake custom marking, engraving and embossing work. If you have a specific requirement or design please contact us for a custom no-obligation quote or call us on 01302 843175 / 07725 833490 or contact us by email to discuss any custom requirements.

VintagsUK has performed bespoke work for personal projects and also bodyshops, classic restoration specialists, motorsport conversions, tuning and detailing specialists, dealers and enthusast clubs.

Bespoke Services

Frequently asked questions

A few common questions below, however if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, our details are on the contact page

Q   What do I need to get a vinplate/sticker?
A   A copy of the registration document or purchase receipt. Additionally one of the following documents is also required - Driving licence, Passport, Utility bill (gas, electricity, council tax etc)
Q   How much is a vinplate/sticker?
A   All pricing and payment methods can be found on the prices link
Q   How long will it take to receive my vinplate/sticker?
A   All prodcuts in stock are dispatched the same day, for unique tags/stickers please contact us for a delivery estimate
Q   Can vintags be made for cars outside the UK
A   We can produce vintags/stickers for foreign dispatch, please contact us directly for more information
Q   How do I send my VIN plate to VintagsUK ?
A   Our workshop address for sending plates to us,
26 Old Epworth Road East, Hatfield, Doncaster, DN7 6LS

Classic Ford Tags

VintagsUK are specialists in making any tag to support your Classic Ford restoration. If you have any bespoke requirements please contact us on
+44(0)1302 843175 / +44(0)7725 833490
or you can email your requirements to

  Classic Ford Tags


Our standard pricing is below, please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing information on bespoke or custom designs



We accept
We accept debit and credti cards

  Standard   from £30.00
  Commercial   from £30.00
  Motorcycle   from £25.00
  Sticker   from £30.00
  Visible VIN sticker   from £15.00
  Tyre pressure decal   from £20.00
  Anti-Theft VIN Label (Supplied in sets)   from £20.00
  Dashboard sticker   from £15.00
  Caravan   from £30.00
  Miscellaneous Stickers   POA
  Custom   POA*

* Please contact us for Custom Design work

Please Note: Our workshop address for sending plates to us,
26 Old Epworth Road East, Hatfield, Doncaster, DN7 6LS